SEO optimization methods


In the process of search engine optimization, white, gray and black methods can be used. This is a rather conditional qualification, since if you abuse the white hat technique, search engines can recognize your behavior as black hat optimization and punish you for it.

Any deception is stopped, so conscientious SEO specialists and marketers prefer to follow the instructions of search engines. They choose honest methods of creating “correct” sites and do not violate the established rules.

White optimization
It includes improving the site: its design, usability, content quality. Optimization by mentioning the resource in various press releases and reviews is also considered white.

An important direction of honest promotion is also the adaptation of the resource for mobile devices, since today there is an intensive redistribution between desktop and mobile search traffic in favor of the latter.

The listed actions are in no way connected with the algorithms of the search engines, and the average user does not notice them. He sees only a site filled with high-quality content that is convenient to use, and when he gets to it there is no feeling of rejection.

Gray optimization
In this case, optimizers are already using some tricks. The texts posted on the site contain specially selected keywords that can be searched by potential customers. Such queries may not have a very natural look, so the copywriter should try to write the most organic text that can interest the reader.

In this case, you must adhere to strict rules regarding the relationship between the keys and the overall size of the text. Techniques such as entering keywords in alt, H1, meta description, title, etc. are used. This is not welcomed by search engines, but they are practically not punished for such actions, so you don’t have to be afraid.

The main thing is not to abuse gray optimization.

For those wishing to master such techniques, here are some tips:

  • choose the right keywords. It is important that they be medium and low-frequency (up to 10 thousand per month);
  • make sure that the copywriter prepares high-quality texts and at the same time the necessary ratio between keywords and the total volume is observed, the content is unique and with a low level of academic nausea;
  • do not let the texts turn into an incoherent set of keywords with constant repetition. Search robots will immediately notice the catch. Phrases like “buy a microwave Peter,” which are found throughout the text, sound clumsy and signal that you are cheating.

Black optimization
Such SEO is completely illegal, and search engines punish it severely. An example of black promotion is the creation of doorway sites that are optimized for one query in order to become leaders in search results.

Another technique is cloaking, the essence of which is to demonstrate one resource to the robot, and another to the user, with completely different content. Unauthorized parasitism on someone else’s popular resource is especially destructive and dangerous. It is hacked and placed numerous links to their site.

The method of black optimization is also the creation of satellites. This is a set of small sites with links to a resource that is being promoted.

The practical side of SEO

We have dealt with the theory in general terms, and now it’s time to move on to practice. Further it will be considered where to order search engine optimization of your site, how to properly control the work of SEO specialists and what tricks you can use.

Choosing a SEO

When you are looking for someone to entrust the promotion of your site, the main thing is to remember that this work should be done by a good team or specialist. There are several ways to find them and formalize cooperation. Some prefer to open a vacancy for a SEO and hire him. This option is chosen, as a rule, by managers who think narrowly and do not see the big picture of the company’s work. Their main argument is that a full-time specialist will work exclusively on the project of his employer.

But there are a number of negative consequences of such a decision.

  • You need to spend a lot of money to maintain a SEO specialist. In Moscow, the average salary of such a specialist is 100 thousand rubles. If you work in another city, you will have to pay less, but there is a risk of losing a specialist who can find a job in the capital or decide to work remotely. With such a position, he can afford to give up office work.
  • Contributions to the Pension Fund, compulsory medical insurance, etc. add about 30% more to the costs.
  • A full-time employee needs to equip a workplace, provide the opportunity to work out in the gym, provide food and a lot of other “carpets”.
  • If the SEO works in the state, he has the right to paid vacation and sick leave.

All of the above allows us to conclude that hiring an SEO specialist can only be beneficial for a reputable company, for which the cost of maintaining it will not become an unbearable burden. If you have a modest-sized business, it is better to choose one of these options.

To solve simple problems, you can use the services of a freelancer. He will quite cope with the selection of queries that are suitable in terms of frequency and prepare texts by entering the keys into them. If you need complex highly qualified assistance, it is better to contact the agency. In most cases, they are engaged in SEO promotion in a complex, and the package of services costs several times less than the content of a full-time SEO specialist.

The cost of ordering high-quality search promotion in Moscow ranges from 45 thousand rubles. monthly, which is cheaper than using traditional marketing tools.