What is SEO and why is it important: in plain language

What is SEO and how does it work? Theory and practice

The term SEO is an abbreviation of the English term “Search Engine Optimization”, which translates as “optimization for search engines”. Thus, search engine optimization is an activity aimed at ensuring that the pages of a certain site are displayed in search engine results in response to certain user queries. We are talking about those requests that correspond to the content of the pages of this site.

To attract the user’s attention, it is necessary to be in the list of first results on the first page of search results. Those sites that are in the Top 10 get 90% of all conversions, if not more. The higher the position of the site in the search results, the more interested users go to it.

To place sites higher or lower, search engines do not use random mechanisms, but clear algorithms based on the evaluation of various factors. In total, there are 200 to 500 such factors, depending on the specific search engine (exact information remains closed).

They can be divided into several main groups:

  1. Text factors. The quality and uniqueness of the content on the website, on the pages of articles, services and product cards. Their optimization for keywords, informativeness and complete disclosure of the topic.
  2. Internal quality factors. Page loading speed, lack of technical errors, quality of adaptation for mobile devices, lack of duplicates, etc.
  3. External signals. Backlinks that lead from different sources and their authority. They are of different weight levels. If the mayor of the city responds positively to your site? And if an ordinary passer-by? These are different levels of authority, but each of them is important and necessary.
  4. Behavioral factors. This is a set of metrics that allow the search engine to understand the degree of user satisfaction with the site. How long people spend on the site, how many pages they view, whether they return to the search results. Even a technically perfect site will be difficult to promote if the behavioral factors are poor.

In order to increase the site’s ranking in search and increase its traffic, SEO specialists must constantly work on improving the resource in all the above areas. All this is included in the SEO promotion service as components of the work.

In today’s conditions, only really good and useful sites for people can get the Top and be firmly established in it. Therefore, the goal of search engine optimization specialists can be reduced to a simple definition – constant development and improvement of the site. Moreover, it is necessary to work on the project comprehensively, making it better in all directions.

Why SEO is important for business

According to the latest research of the agency Jumpshot for 2017, conversions from Google search provide 62.6% of traffic for all online resources in the United States. Such large-scale studies have not been conducted in the CIS, but due to the wider variety of advertising channels in the USA, this figure is likely to be even higher here.

The owner of a well-promoted site receives conversions from search constantly, without any external advertising activity and the need to pay for conversions. Therefore, SEO is a long-term investment with possible passive benefits over a long period.

In modern conditions, if you do not promote the site, it is almost impossible to turn the Internet into a channel for attracting customers. Here is an example of site visits for a month, on the promotion of which no work is carried out.

Here are a number of other significant advantages for business, to note:

  • the opportunity to get an additional stable channel of attracting customers;
  • increasing company brand recognition and reputational bonuses;
  • it is one of the most accessible and profitable Internet marketing channels
  • a relatively low entrance threshold makes the SEO service affordable even for small businesses;
  • the opportunity to become one of the leaders in its market segment at much lower costs compared to offline;
  • a sustainable effect from work, the return from which in the long term only grows;
  • improving the quality of the site and its convenience for users in the process of optimization work.

And one more important point – by neglecting SEO, you are actually voluntarily “throwing” yourself out of the market, giving it to your competitors. Every time a potential buyer searches for a product or service that you offer in the search, and does not find your site, they go to the sites of competitors.