What is SEO promotion?

Search engine optimization

is search engine optimization of a site, aimed at increasing its positions and visibility in search engines, primarily Google.

The higher the site’s position in search engine results, the greater the number of targeted visitors will move from them to your site.

A person enters the query “Vacation near Kyiv” in Google. It is clear that there are quite a lot of sites that offer such a vacation. The user will not view all the results – hundreds or even thousands of sites. He will choose a site that offers rest near Kyiv from among the first 10, less often 20, maximum 30 first sites.

The task of search engine optimization is to bring your site to the first positions of search engines for targeted queries.

How is SEO done?

Search optimization of the site includes several basic directions:

  • structural optimization (code, site map, etc.);
  • internal optimization (content, keywords, titles, etc.);
  • external promotion (promotion, link to the site).

Structural optimization is always done first – it is enough to do it once, after which your site will become more authoritative for search engines.

The most important direction is the second, internal optimization. It must be performed once in a comprehensive manner, and in the future it must be performed continuously.

External promotion, which involves increasing links to your site from other resources, should be carried out only after the implementation of the first two areas. As a rule, this direction is the most costly and is associated with the greatest abuses by unscrupulous contractors, the so-called “developers”, “seoshniks”, etc.

Is it possible to do without search engine optimization?

It is possible, if the site sells, say, exclusively two-year-old Vietnamese piglets in the Malinsky district of the Zhytomyr region. It is likely that the competition in the segment of these services in this geographical area will not be high, so interested users will be able to easily find such a site.

In 99% of other cases, a site without search engine optimization will simply drown in the mass of competitors and ordinary informational garbage.

That is why search engine optimization is one of the 3 key component services of complex support and site development.