Search optimization or SEO

Basic concepts of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of search engines to attract visitors to the site. This is a technique of achieving a higher position in search engines by changing the site towards maximum compatibility with PM.

SEO is a part of search engine marketing, the purpose of which is to get an influx of qualitatively important audience to the site.

This technology mainly applies to slider-based search engines (that is, those that find, read and index the site automatically). If the site is well optimized, including in terms of content, then the human editor will also want to include it in his catalog. Search engine optimization is also important because it helps to attract visitors to the site for free.

It is known that if the site of a large company is not in the top ten rankings for the entered keyword, then its reputation is lowered. If the site is further than the 30th position in the rating, then consider that it is not visible on the network at all.

SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) today

Today, it is impossible to promote the site only with the help of automatic programs. SEO requires improving the quality and popularity of the site. In order for the site to reach the top positions in the ratings, it is necessary to rely on the analysis of the target audience and the work of competitors, evaluate the quality of optimization by per click and take into account copywriting, as well as copyright protection. Since trends are constantly changing, SEOs must follow all directions in these matters.

Today, only inexperienced optimizers/internet marketers will use spam to promote a site. In most cases, spam and so-called unscrupulous SEOs are recognized by automatic sliders that are becoming more and more intelligent.

Search engine optimization has always had many ways to manipulate search results. Some of the manipulative strategies search engines hate and some they love. There are too many examples, suffice it to say that strategies such as relevant inbound links, keywords in title tags, abundance of unique content are strategies that work today and will always work, because they not only improve rankings, but are also encouraged by search engines , because they help them produce correct results.

Strategies that use artificial inbound links (reciprocal links, backlinks, etc.), keyword stuffing, etc. have worked in the past and may still work if used wisely and secretly from search engines. but all this refers to playing with fire, because at any moment all your efforts and achievements can collapse and you will be left with nothing. The difference between these examples is that the first ones contain strategies that search engines love because they help them maintain relevance within the index.

Introduction of keywords

Suppose, having filled the page with a sufficient volume of easy-to-read text, you researched keywords and faced the problem of their introduction. How to satisfy the PM’s need for keywords without compromising the quality of the composition? The answer is very carefully.

Let’s consider an example. A company that specializes in extreme travel of the highest class. Before optimization, the following text was located on the page: “We offer first-class rest for people who need an individual approach. We fully and qualitatively implement the most incredible ideas. We add novelty to life and ignite a passion for discovery, confirming the well-deserved reputation of one of the leading travel organizers . Our packages include extreme vacations, meals, accommodation and transportation”

Keyword selection services show that our client needs to focus on the following keywords:

  • extreme trips;
  • the best extreme recreation;
  • individual route selection;
  • extreme trips around the world;
  • top class tickets.

Having taken the initial text of the main page, we will try to introduce these keywords there so that they fit naturally and do not spoil the reader’s impression. You can do:

“We offer the best extreme vacation for people who need an individual approach to choosing a travel route. We fully and qualitatively bring the most incredible ideas to life. We add novelty to life and ignite a passion for discovery, confirming the well-deserved reputation of one of the best organizers of extreme trips in around the world. Our top-class vacations include extreme vacations, meals, accommodations, and transportation.”

Note that the phrase “extreme travel around the world” contains the phrase “extreme travel” PM “happy”, that is, now the page is relevant to related queries. The client is happy because we were able to introduce keywords without destroying the smoothness and “energy” of the text and thus without alienating the reader. We’re happy because we know the page will rank highly for related queries.