Basic concepts

The phrase “Search Engine Optimization” comes from the English phrase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and means a set of measures affecting external and internal factors (external and internal optimization), the result of which is the achievement of higher positions of the site in the search engine. Since the Russian language is multifaceted, in Russian-speaking countries, search engine optimization is called site promotion and site promotion. Promotion of the site is the most effective way to attract potential customers, as this process brings the site to the leading positions in the search engine, which will lead to an increase in customers.

Search engine optimization of the site is a slow process that requires serious preparation and analysis. In most cases, reaching the desired positions for keywords in search engines occurs within 3-4 months after ordering the promotion of the site. In some cases, when the site was developed very recently or was blacklisted by search engines after unprofessional site promotion (spam) and was sanctioned by search engines, site promotion will take an average of 6 months from the date of ordering site search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization of the site, aka SEO-optimization of the site, “site promotion” and “site promotion” is a consistent set of actions to increase the significance of the site for search engines and increase the given positions of the site in the search results.
Now search engine optimization of the site is necessary for every site that intends to bring profit to its owner.

Site promotion

If you look at all successful companies that occupy leading positions in their field of business, these companies have sites that do not operate on the Internet, but occupy leading positions in all popular search engines, bringing significant profit!
Those who keep up with the times, company managers, know very well what Search Engine Optimization is, how great competition is in modern business, and the popular saying: “If you are not on the Internet, then you are not in business” – understand literally. The demand for goods and services in the global network, and, accordingly, the turnover of Internet resources has grown to unprecedented heights. And that’s why most of the cash flow goes through the websites of those companies whose management understands the effectiveness of search engine optimization.
Search optimization according to the principle: “came, saw, won!”.
Arrived: You have started a business and occupied your niche in the business.
Saw: Signed a contract with the “Web Building” studio.
Win: Your site enters the TOP, and you receive a reward in the form of profit.
Promotion of the site is like a modern form of advertising
Promotion of the site in search engines is a very effective form of advertising on the Internet. Today, the Internet has become the fastest and most affordable way to find and obtain the necessary information. The number of Internet users is growing, which in turn leads to an increase in the number of sites and competition between them for the first positions in search engines.

We use the Mobile Friendly approach

There is no doubt that today the site should be as convenient as possible for visitors and adapted for mobile devices.

Today, the steady increase in the volume of traffic from mobile devices, as well as the fact that Google prioritizes the mobile version of the site for indexing and ranking pages, create additional requirements without which effective SEO optimization of the site is impossible.

In fact, everything here is much simpler than it seems. Most modern websites are built using a CMS such as WordPress. So your content will almost always automatically adapt to mobile devices.

Importantly, content is displayed very differently on PCs and smartphones. Avoid using complex structures that look great on a computer. They won’t look good on mobile devices, to say the least.

Therefore, the Mobile Friendly approach is about developing the mobile version first. And content adaptation for correct display specifically on smartphones.

You can check the pages of your site with Google’s free mobile page optimization checker.


So, search engine optimization of sites is an exclusively complex approach, the main components of which are:

  1. A clear understanding of the project’s long-term goals.
  2. Search, grouping and correct distribution of keywords between pages.
  3. Internal optimization of pages and published content.
  4. A steady increase in the number of backlinks.
  5. Regular optimization of the site’s technical parameters.