What is SEO optimization?

Beginning. Basic provision

SEO optimization of the site (from the English Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of the site for certain queries of search engines. In other words, it is a set of various measures aimed at increasing the position of your resource in certain user searches.

Today, the basis of successful promotion of a site is competent SEO optimization of its content. An important aspect of SEO optimization is filling the site with thematic content optimized for the requirements of search engines.

The basis of optimization should be the key phrases that will be used to promote your site, after compiling the semantic core of the site, it is necessary to fill in the text of the site in accordance with the selected expressions.

Benefits of SEO optimization

In the process of working with clients, I often have to voice the benefits of search engine optimization. It seems to some that it is better to invest in contextual advertising now and get a result tomorrow than to invest in SEO and get a result after a certain time.

So why SEO:

  1. Unobtrusiveness – we do not deliberately advertise, but simply help people find what they are looking for. Transitions to the site occur only according to the keywords under which the site is promoted.
  2. Loyalty – an ordinary user does not think that someone invests money in order to be on the first page, for them it is just TOP 10 good sites, as if “site ranking”. Considering that even a low-quality site (or even fraudsters) can pay for contextual advertising, usually all sites are of high quality in the SEO results (by the way, it was thanks to the quality of the results that Google became the #1 search engine in the world, how it did it you will learn a little later in the article) .
  3. Long-lasting result – by investing once in seo promotion of the site, we get a long-lasting result. Sometimes it takes up to 9-12 months to achieve the result. It can be difficult for the client to understand where his money is going, because 2 months of work have passed, and the result is not visible (although in fact it is and an experienced seo specialist will be able to explain and show progress even in a short period of time). But those who understand and endure this period will later be in chocolate. Contextual advertising is more understandable for customers in this regard, but in terms of costs, it is many times more expensive in the long term.
  4. Low cost – the average check for seo promotion starts at $300 per month (for simple local sites). I have clients who spent significantly more money on contextual advertising per month for several years. By prioritizing SEO promotion, the site’s ROI can increase to 100%. Therefore, the cost of search engine optimization is significantly lower compared to other advertising channels.

SEO copywriting

it is part of such a process as internal optimization of the site for search engines, which is carried out to increase the relevance of the site.

The uniqueness of the texts is a very important factor that determines the position of the site in the search engine results. In addition to specially optimized content, your site should contain ordinary, non-optimized texts.

Depending on the complexity, SEO optimization is able to attract a certain number of targeted visitors. You will be able to use a certain number of key phrases for which the site will be promoted.

The more keywords are used for promotion and, as a result, the more optimized text is on your site, the more visitors will be able to find and visit your site.

As the number of key phrases grows, so does the number of search queries that search engine users can use to find your site. High-quality SEO optimization of the site in combination with a complex of certain works will ensure stable maintenance of the positions of your site and its attendance.

Using a sufficient number of key expressions will allow you to cover the largest number of areas of your activity that will be described on different pages of your site.

The articles posted on your website can be devoted to the story of your business, as well as to the description of the industry in which your company operates, as a whole.

When starting a new activity, you definitely need to start somewhere. Where do you need to start, going to learn how to promote sites? The answer is simple — first of all, create your own site, which you will promote. Of course, what this site will be like, what topic it will be dedicated to is the personal matter of each creator. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the future Internet resource should be interesting to the public that uses the Internet (otherwise, why promote a site that does not attract anyone’s attention by itself?)

This does not mean that it is necessary to create a site that will be interesting to the majority, but the subject of which is far from the sphere of your hobbies. Perhaps a middle ground should be found? However, craftsmen can promote almost any Internet resource, even with the most irrelevant topic. But, again, this requires experience and a lot of knowledge. And it is better for a beginner to start with a site of any more or less popular topic. It is then, when you learn high-quality promotion of sites, you will be able to attract a certain circle of visitors to any Internet resource, because for a person who tries to become a professional and studies a lot for this, nothing is impossible! What are the types of SEO optimization? There are three types of SEO optimization: black, gray and white.
Black optimization is obtaining high positions in search engines illegally.

Sooner or later such sites will be banned by search engines. Search engine optimization is generally unwanted and unwelcome methods that are not officially prohibited by search engines. But since the algorithms and rules of search engines often change and strengthen, there is a high probability that in the near future what is now called gray optimization will become illegal and will go into the category of black.

White optimization is a completely legal optimization of your website that does not violate any rules and laws. Only this method can give you a guarantee of long-term and successful prosperity of your site.